What's the hype about meditation?

Meditation is a practice of quieting your mind and there are various techniques to achieve this. Some of them concentrate on your breath, include mantras (words or phrases repeated a number of times) or sound, like gong bath.

The practice of meditation is thousands years old. The modern scientific research confirms the amazing effects that meditation practice might have on your body, including hormonal balance (especially cortisol, elevated by stress and affecting your body on the physical and physiological level very strongly), stress management, improved sleep, dealing with depression, anxiety or PTSD. When practising meditation on a regular basis, you will begin to feel more balanced inside. As a result of this, your diet might improve as well due to increased mindfulness and better management of 'emotional eating'. 

The benefits of meditation to your general well-being and your mental health can be astonishing if you can commit to a practice as short as 10 minutes daily. 

Discover the inner power of healing that you already have within yourself!

I teach meditation as part of yoga practice so that you also learn how to practice at home.

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